Serving Local Schools Since 1992

Mac Made Easy has been serving the local community since 1992.  We understand schools rely heavily on technology for daily operations, classroom activities, and remote learning. By ensuring that computers and other devices are well-maintained and promptly repaired, repair services minimize downtime and keep the educational process running smoothly. This support allows teachers to utilize digital tools effectively, helps students access learning resources without interruption, and ensures administrative tasks are handled efficiently. Additionally, offering repair services to schools can extend the lifespan of devices, saving educational institutions valuable resources. We are also happy to announce we have expanded into PC repair in addition to Apple Device repair.


Most schools refresh their computers every few years. Mac Made Easy can help you get top dollar for these pre-owned devices. On Oahu we will even pickup your devices if you have over 5 machines.  For more information please click the button below to fill out our request form.


Mac Made Easy offers repair services and data recovery for all Apple Devices and PC’s.  Simply bring in the devices to one of our shops and we will guide you on the rest. If you have several devices, email your local MME store and we can setup the work orders in advance.