Oahu School Form

Hawaii's Premiere Apple Sales and Service Provider

Mac Made Easy Kailua is happy to offer service and repairs to schools in the Oahu area.  If you are experiencing issues with your school’s Apple product(s) please read through all our policies and complete the form listed below to schedule your service.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our store at (808)261-7444 or email us at kailua@maceasy.com


Depending on the year and model of your product MME may charge a non-refundable check-in fee that goes towards the diagnostics and repair of your unit.  After the technician has diagnosed your product you will receive a quote to repair. If you decline to repair the unit, the check-in fee goes to our time used to diagnose the unit.  If you choose to move forward with the repair the check-in fee will go towards the repair of the unit.

Computers iPhones and iPads still under warranty: FREE*

Computers 1-5 years old: $60

Computers 6+ years old: $120

iPads & iPhones: $40

*If the unit has any damage or has had any 3rd party repairs that voids the Apple Warranty, MME will re-quote a fee of up to $60 to diagnose the unit.


MME offers free pickup and delivery when you have 3 or more units for repair. Under 3 units is a $30 charge.  Schools may also drop off the units to our Kailua store to avoid these charges for under 3 units.


Please download and read through all our terms and conditions for repair. Sign the form at the bottom and attach it to your unit for repair.

Download: Terms and Conditions


After you have downloaded and signed the terms and conditions please fill out this form for each unit you need repaired.  After the form has been submitted someone on our staff will get back to you within 1 business day on how to proceed.  If you don’t hear anything or have further questions please contact us at (808) 261-7444 or email us at kailua@maceasy.com